Wrap Around Handle applicator

Automatic machine, in single and double line, to apply self-adhesive handles made of a special transparent tape and carton label directly on the pack.

  • 1 - L’arrivo dei pacchi

    1. Due trasportatori laterali a pioli separano la quantità di contenitori richiesta per formare il lotto che viene poi portato alla stazione nastratura.

  • 2 - Applicazione fascia adesiva

    Due nastratori laterali applicano il nastro adesivo creando una sovrapposizione anteriore e posteriore regolabile da 10 a 20 mm. (sistema brevettato).

  • 3 - Distesa nastro

    Un rullo motorizzato svolge il nastro

  • 4 - Applicazione maniglia

    Una volta erogata la quantità di nastro prefissata, la macchina lo taglia e ne applica un lembo sulla parte anteriore e posteriore del pacco, in eguale misura


Automatic machine to apply self-adhesive handles made of a special transparent tape and carton label directly on the pack.
The pack arriving on the machine’s slat conveyor are slowed down and spaced automatically, through several Intralox conveyors belts. The adhesive handle-tape is uncoiled by an electronically-driven roller according to the product flow. Handle-cardboard (or other materials) lamination to the adhesive tape is performed continuously through a mechanic double-cam device.
The handle thus obtained is pasted continuously on the pack in transit through a series of pneumatic arms with a suitable inclination. The adhesive tape is cut by a cutting group equipped with a cam-driven blade.
The handle and cardboard are electronically centred, allowing the machine to catch up on possible mistakes and performing automatically the re-positioning. The handle-tape is in transparent mono-oriented polypropylene laminated with cardboard (or other materials) that could be blank, coloured or printed with advertising signs and/or images. Each head can be equipped with a second reel-holder for 5000-mt-adhesive tape reels.
All the machine’s models can work on laminated adhesive tape.

Special components of the Wrap Around handle applicator:
Slat conveyor
The machine is equipped with a slat conveyor with Intralox modular systems. In the area where the handle is applied, lower conveyor is lengthwise separated in order to allow the passage of the pasting unit.
Pasting group
Special group in order to apply a 650-mm-handle with adhesive glued under the pack.
Labels storage system
Storage system for 650-mm-handles with possibility to apply the adhesive scotch with cardboard or pre-laminated one.


Maximum speed in single line: 45 ppm/min
Maximum speed in double line: 45+45 ppm/min