Ethical Code

We are in this business not just to do business! We do what we do because we love this sector.
And this is why at Twin Pack we place great importance not only on what we do, but also on how we do it. Every day we take immense care over our relationships inside and outside the company because we want to be appreciated for both our value and our values.

For this reason we will not compromise any of our following principles:

  • respect for the law
  • respect for others
  • respect for honest practice
  • respect for moral integrity
  • no distinction whatsoever based on race, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation
  • an insistence on quality and safety in the workplace
  • respect for the environment


Embracing the concept of servant leadership as an asset shared at all levels of the company, Twin Pack has constantly and fruitfully promoted qualities, such as listening, empathy, care, awareness, persuasion, conceptualisation, foresight, administration, commitment and community building.

The company has succeeded in transforming a stand-alone machine manufacturing business into an enterprise that can sense and interpret needs and the prospects that derive from them.
By providing these needs with effective, reliable and modular responses obtained by encouraging and rewarding the initiative of individuals and investing in the company’s shared know-how, Twin Pack has consolidated a platform of solutions that motivate customers and partners to entrust it with ever greater responsibility.
Twin Pack has succeeded in being one of the first companies in the packaging world to shift its focus from simply supplying machines to guaranteeing results.

It has also reached and consolidated the goal of win-win that can and must be the central goal of every customer-supplier partnership. Twin Pack knows that continual improvement is certainly possible, but that achieving excellent results right from the start is essential.