Twin Pack, your project partner

Since 1991 high technology for packaging

Founded in 1991, and basing its evolution and growth on the concept of reliability, Twin Pack has followed over the years a development path that from the first day has placed satisfaction and partnership with the customer at the center of its business model.

This was the case with the first technology developed (the application of handles on the bundles of beverage bottles). When this requirement was in its infancy, Twin Pack promoted the creation of current international standards; helping to extend its use in the food, dairy and tissue sectors.
To transform the name of Twin Pack into a synonym for the handle applicator.

Thanks to the widespread distribution of an auxiliary technological concept (the handle applicator) Twin Pack had access to a vast audience of customers and we were thus able to closely observe a wide variety of needs and developments that customers and the market were looking for.

Strengthened by the trust we have received, with adequate and constant investments in R&D, at the beginning of the 2000s we created a second technological platform.
It is destined to the development of solutions capable of accompanying the automation needs of the secondary packaging of the productive world which is rapidly evolving and growing thanks to the driving force of globalization.

Our goal, present and future, is to collaborate effectively with customers in creating new standards in packaging and to allow partners who choose Twin Pack to have:

  • top reliability solutions;
  • flexibility of use and possibility of updating to delay the obsolescence of the investment;
  • design concept designed to guarantee the best TCO for the customer.

Business Management Policy

Fulfilling the commitments is not an option, but an essential rule that the market imposes on every company, making it the minimum goal that every company must achieve.

Reactivity is therefore essential; but proactivity is the necessary and irreplaceable requisite to be able to exceed the customer’s expectations and make the partnership generate better benchmarks than the previous results.

For this reason, the analysis of needs, the clear identification of objectives, the proactivity of materials, the improvement of packaging design and the interaction they have in the various stages of the production chain are an integral part of the know-how that Twin Pack develops with and for its customers.

All this by placing women and men, who will use these technologies, at the center of the objectives of safety, efficiency and ease of use.
It is a path that already includes many stages and that, every day, is enriched with new roads.

In order for this to be possible, it is necessary not to be afraid of experimenting, while maintaining a constant memory of which routes have been traveled and which have led up to the current position.
This is why the motivation of the “explorers” in Twin Pack is a constantly applied strategy; we reward successes and encourage them when results are not immediately at the top of expectations.

customer relationships

We are committed, in every department of the Company, to consolidate long-term relationships with customers; based on trust, loyalty and mutual support.

different types of audits

With the same dedication and commitment we deal with the audit of the multinational company as well as the needs and expectations of the independent company that is looking for a niche solution.

internal design

We design all our solutions internally, optimally using every experience already lived. Having lived yesterday is a fundamental contribution to building a better tomorrow.

continuous training and professional growth

We invest in the training and growth of our staff so that everyone constantly perceives the value recognized by the Company; and with its own growth it contributes constantly to the further development of know-how in the Company.

continuous innovation

We also innovate the most consolidated solutions cyclically, making use of the new technologies, materials and components that the market makes available.

safety first of all

We place the security of every operator as the focus of every development and realization; safety in use also increases performance efficiency.

integration with other systems for turnkey solutions

We work proactively and frequently with OEMs to integrate our solutions into systems that include machines or logistics for completing turnkey supplies.

test, research and development

We make our test rooms and our R&D team available to support our partners in developing and testing new packaging solutions in order to validate new concepts beforehand.

modular solutions

We design our hardware in a modular way (to improve reliability and reduce costs) in order to be able to satisfy in the best way the requests for customization that our customers need every day.

realization of the components

We directly produce over 60% of the components; the rest comes from selected long-term suppliers with whom a consolidated partnership has been created, thanks to the complete sharing of process standards and quality control.

machine validations and remote assistance

We organize PDI and FAT in the presence of our customers for the prior and shared validation of our machinery; we integrate our software-supported HMI solutions that allow you to interact with customers through remote assistance (preventing downtime and reducing unnecessary costs).

guaranteed spare parts and services

We guarantee spare parts and service on 100% of the installed machinery, suggesting up-grade when improvements are available that can increase performance or reduce operating costs.