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Packaging solutions since 1991

The Company

Established in 1991, Twin Pack has founded its continuous growth on a concept of reliability and, right from the very first day, customer partnership and satisfaction have always been at the heart of its development and business model.

The very first technology the company developed (the application of handles to beverage bottle packs) is a perfect example. At the time this feature was still in its early stages and Twin Pack promoted the creation of today’s international standards by helping to extend its use into the food, dairy and tissue sectors. As a result the name Twin Pack has come to be a byword for handle applicators.

Thanks to the capillary distribution of this auxiliary technological concept (the handle applicator) Twin Pack had access to a vast range of customers, which allowed us to gain first-hand experience of a wide variety of customer requirements and the developments the market was looking for.

Fortified by the trust placed in us and thanks to our constant and significant investments in R&D, at the beginning of the new millennium we created a second technological platform.
This is designed to develop solutions that meet the automation requirements of the secondary packaging sector in today’s production world, which is developing rapidly thanks to the driving force of globalisation.

Our present and future goal is to work effectively together with customers to to create new packaging standards and allow partners who choose Twin Pack to enjoy:

  • fully reliable solutions;
  • a versatile design and update options that delay investment obsolescence;
  • a project concept that guarantees the best TCO.

Business Management Policy

Fulfilling commitments is not an option, but an indispensable rule that the market sets as the minimum goal every company has to meet.

To exceed customers’ expectations and ensure that partnerships generate constantly higher benchmarks, companies must therefore be both reactive and proactive.

PSo analysing needs, identifying clear objectives, proposing new materials, improving packaging design and the way it interacts with the various stages in the production line are all an integral part of the know-how Twin Pack develops with and for its customers.

In addition to all this, every goal regarding safety, efficiency and user-friendliness is firmly focused on the men and women who use this technology. It is a long journey and every day new roads are added.

To embark on it takes courage and a willingness to experiment, without forgetting to learn from past experiences and what has brought us to where we are today.
This is why at Twin Pack we adopt a strategy of constantly motivating our “explorers” by rewarding success and providing encouragement when results do not immediately satisfy the highest expectations.

customer relations

Every company department is firmly committed to consolidating long-term relations with customers based on trust, loyalty and reciprocal support.

different audit

We reserve the same dedication and commitment for the audit of an international company as we do when satisfying the needs and expectations of an independent company in search of a niche solution.

in-house design

We design all our solutions in-house, making maximum use of our wide range of experience. Learning from the past plays a fundamental role in constructing a better future.

continuous training and professional growth

We invest in training and improving the expertise of our staff so that every single member is constantly aware of their value to the company and how their individual growth helps develop the company’s collective know-how.

on going innovation

We regularly update even our most consolidated solutions, taking advantage of all the latest technologies, materials and components the market has to offer.

safety first

The safety of each and every operator is the focus of everything we develop and construct, as safe usage also increases performance efficiency.

integration with other systems for turnkey solutions

We frequently and proactively work together with OEMs to complete turnkey supplies where our solutions are integrated in systems that include machines or logistics.

test and R&D

Our test rooms and R&D team are also at our customers’ disposal for developing and testing new packaging solutions so that new concepts can be validated in advance.

modular solutions

In order to satisfy the daily demand for customised products faced by our customers, we have designed our hardware in a modular manner (to both improve reliability and reduce costs).

components production

60% of our components are also constructed in-house. While the others come from selected, long-term suppliers with whom we have created a consolidated partnership and established common quality control and processing standards.

machines pre-validation and remoted assistance

We also organise PDIs and FATs with our customers in order to pre-validate our machines together and our solutions are integrated with HMIs supported by software that allows us to interact remotely with our customers (thereby reducing machine stop times and unnecessary costs).

spare parts and services guaranteed

We guarantee spare parts and servicing on 100% of our installed machines, as well as suggesting upgrades when improvements become available for heightening performance and reducing operating costs.