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Automatic machine for the application of self-adhesive handles on a variety of clustered products. On each track the packs arrive on the machine infeed conveyor and are then automatically slowed down and spaced via a series of Intralox conveyors. The adhesive tape is unwound by an electronically controlled motor-driven roller as a function of pack flow. Application of the cardboard (or other materials) on the adhesive is carried out continuously by a mechanical double cam system. The thus-obtained handle is applied to the transiting cluster by way of a continuously moving set of pneumatically operated arms. Cutting of the adhesive tape is performed by a unit with a cam-guided blade. The machine PLC oversees and controls the whole cycle and ensures proper repetition of movement. The machine can also be equipped with a mechanical device (optional) that gives the handle an arched shape, a must on certain products. Handle and cardboard alignment is electronic, allowing the machine to correct any errors autonomously via automatic repositioning. The handle tape is made of transparent mono-oriented polypropylene coupled to the cardboard (or other materials), which may be plain, coloured or printed with promotional text and/or images. 

Each head can be provided with a second reel holder for 5000-metre adhesive tape reels.

Our Solutions

Velocità in singola pista: da 25 bottiglie/min. a 70 bottiglie/min.
Velocità in doppia pista: da 25+25 bottiglie/min. a 70+70 bottiglie/min.
Tensione: 400V – 50 Hz – 3 fasi  + Terra

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