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Thanks to compact design, which minimises overall dimensions, our palletizer can easily be integrated on existing end-of-line set ups.
It can be used for both palletization and de-palletization.
Thanks to our advanced multi-axis system with servo motors (three linear axes and a rotary axis), products are precision-placed on pallets by a suction cup system.
Once a pallet layout has been saved on the control system, it can subsequently be modified at any time via the user-friendly TOUCH-SCREEN panel.


Work rate: 10 cycles/min.
Automatic magazine for empty pallets (OPTIONAL)
Painted steel framework, customer-selected colour
Intralox infeed conveyors, with differentiated speed for automatic spacing
Pallet handling roller unit with automatic evacuation of the full pallet
Possible to modify 8 different palletizing programmes
Touch screen with real-time display of pallet formation
Possible to process both EUROPALLET che ½ EUROPALLETT
Polycarbonate accident prevention guards
Machine built in compliance with EC standards
Voltage: 400V – 50 Hz – 3 fasi  + Earth
Colour: chosen by customer

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